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Been gone so long, baby...

Thought I'd start with a bluesy sounding title, not because I have the blues, or have had the blues, but because I like the sound of the blues... Anyway, my absence from blogging has had nothing to do with that, it's nothing more sinister than I have not got around to it. As someone prone to waffle it is something of a surprise, perhaps, that I've not been chuntering away on Blogger for some weeks, but having restated (below) my plan to keep blogging, it's just not been a priority in the past few weeks. Sorry folks, I know that there are a few people who faithfully return to check and chat and disagree and respond but I've not had the mental capacity to get around to blogging. Nor have I read the blogs I normally enjoy. I have been busy, yes, but not over busy. Admittedly we had a run of funerals from mid July and they do take a fair amount of energy to prepare for and to do, as well as the time taken to visit the families, talk through the services with them,