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Darn, it's been HOW long?

Hello folks, the sad neglect of New Kid on the Blog continues, I'm afraid - it's the old story of either not having enough time or having enough time but not being able to think of something to say, though definitely more of the former than the latter. When I moved from a thirteen parish Team to a five parish Mission Community I had this crazy idea that there might actually be less for me to fill my time with and I might have a bit more space to think in terms of Mission, Strategy, Innovation and the like.  This has not been the case - there's more goes on here in these few parishes than we ever managed to get going in our old patch.  It's not that my previous parishes were quiet, far from it, but the population was more transient, many people commuted and went away for weekends and the villages often didn't have 'centres' in which the communities met and shared. In these smaller villages in rural Devon there is still a significant feeling of community, an