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Faithfulness - and perhaps a return to blogging?

Remember me? It's been a while, and I've missed you. I preached a short sermon this morning on a theme which was once very much a part of this blog - so thought I might try and restart the thinking process which was so much of the writings here, and see if I can drop by more regularly than I have. The theme was 'Faithfulness' - and my usual bugbear that we have conflated faith and belief and placed both under an umbrella of doctrine, or intellect, in a misuse, or misunderstanding, of what both concepts are.  I went through this at some length with regards to writings on the Creed some years back - so here's a much truncated version: Genesis 15: 1–12, 17–18 Psalm 105:1–9 Matthew 7:15–20 Faithfulness   Faith – we talk a lot about it in the Church, funny that.  But we do tend to talk about faith in a very western, very post-enlightenment, very post-reformation way.  We talk about faith as believing, or rather, as intellectually saying yes to a certai