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A change of pace

One of my recently discovered new favourite songs:  Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats - You Worry Me

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So, I got married recently...and it was wonderful, particularly as I got to marry a wonderful, super smart, big hearted, beautiful woman. The ceremony was in church, which was not our original plan (Elvis in Vegas, or a Marriage Commissioner on the beach) - but Sabina graciously allowed us to mark this auspicious occasion in a place special to me, amongst a community I love and who have been overwhelmingly supportive of me, in a way that was deeply meaningful to me. This was indeed gracious as my now-wife is from a Sikh culture and has less-than-positive experience of the institutional church having spent time as a child in a Catholic and (not always tolerant) Anglican School setting. I worked with my Bishop in forming a service based on the interfaith liturgy of the Anglican Church of Canada, we were blessed with a speaker who is one of North America's foremost Comparative Religion scholars and who wove together Sikh and Christian tradition in a profound and thoughtful se

A General Synod

Just this last week we finished the 42nd General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada - and it was a real series of ups and downs, so much so that I wrote some pieces for our church website which I think is worth reproducing here. Firstly, though, a bit of background - this was an historic Synod for lots of reasons (which come in the second piece), but in the middle of it was an important vote on inclusivising our Marriage Canon (Canon XXI) - one of the laws which govern the church, and contain the 'Doctrine' of the Anglican Church of Canada - to take away reference to 'Marriage is between a man and a woman' and change it to 'Marriage is between two partners' - thereby enshrining equal marriage for all, including same-gendered partnerships, in Church law. The reality is that the Canon doesn't forbid same-gendered marriage, and as such I have (with the permission of my Bishop and the support of my community) already been privileged to officiate at same-

Return and reflection

It's been a very long time since I've used this blog, but now seems like a good time to return. I've missed writing things to throw out into the ether, and the interactions and relationships which came from them and I've certainly missed the wisdom which has been shared in response to what I post. I think I should say something of why things have been so quiet here. It's partly because this was an outlet, a way of expressing the quirky world of Clergy life in rural England - where collegial relationships were limited and a (somewhat overworked) Vicar needed to have a place to think out loud. That changed when I came here to Canada, way back in July 2013, as I found myself on a team of lay and ordained ministers who gave each other space to think, to muse, to discuss, to learn. It was, and is, a liberation - and though that team has changed composition over this past six years it continues to be a creative, supportive partnership, Another reason for les