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A Thought... Proud of my children....

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Sermon Catch up...

Not posted at' Deep Stuff' for a bit, so here's the beginning of the sermon from Sunday just gone.... with a link to the whole thing at the end... Lent 2 (2013) Year C RCL Principal   Genesis 15.1-12,17-18 Philippians 3.17  -  4.1 Luke 13.31-35 Honesty and Trust If someone came to the Rectory telling me that they hear the voice of God, I must admit that I would think the worst.  Just as if someone approached you telling you that they had conversations with the almighty then we might feel a little disturbed.   This is not the kind of person we want to sit next to on the bus…. BUT  Imagine what it would be like if we could talk to God freely and hear his voice!  If we shared such an intimate relationship with God that we were able to sit and chat and be chatted to in return. [More]

Back In The Day...

We have started the Big Sort Out - which is how I am describing (with intentional capitalization to make it clear this is an 'event') the preparations for our move to our new life in Canada and our new Spiritual Home of St John the Divine in Victoria, BC. Of course this could just be an excuse to get rid of lots of the crud we have been gathering for decades and replacing it with new crud.  This is something we, as a family, seem to excel at!  But this isn't a post about de-cluttering, emotionally, spiritually or physically - that's something that a quick google will reveal is talked about to the point of cliche... There is one good quote about Clutter though, which I will share with you. That'll do. No, the thoughts that inspired this blog post, if inspired isn't too big, pretentious or overstated a term, were all the more mundane.  I realised that as I started sorting (well, we have four months) I have lots and lots of cassette tapes... I wonder how

A Thought For The Week On Prayer

Catching up, here's mid January's thought on the fact that prayer isn't just about words.  Forget what you have been told, prayer is whatever way allows you to listen and speak to God... listen to ‘Prayer Thought’ on Audioboo

Telling stories

One of the best off-the-cuff sermons I have ever heard was from a colleague at Imperial College London who turned up to find he was preaching on Matthew Chapter 1 verses 1-17 . For those of you who have not yet memorised the whole of the Bible and who haven't clicked on the link it is worth knowing that this part of the first book of the New Testament is a long genealogical list leading from the start of the Jewish Faith (ie Abraham) to Jesus.  It's not something many of us would relish reading, lacking the humour, narrative and immediate appeal of the Bible passages most of us remember and appreciate, but it is one of the set readings following the Lectionary through the year. To be confronted with this text without having any preparation for preaching on it would throw most of us, but not Bill (for it was he) who proceeded to preach for ten minute in a way that brought these seemingly dry verses to life,  who teased out some of the meaning in them and some of the purpose

Back with a quick thought

My mind is racing with all the possibilities of things I could be writing, but for now I thought I would just post a quick Audioboo of my Thought for the Week from 8th January from The Midweek Herald ... listen to ‘SPAM Thought....’ on Audioboo