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Trying out something new

I thought that if I installed blogger for word I might be inclined to blog more often, so here I am trying out the new setup, though I am not sure I will get it to work!  Anyway, just a test so I’m not going to waffle on too much.  I have a quiet week this week so am trying to get some visiting done and maybe some reading, hooray!

Since I gave up hope i feel a lot better

Catchy title, eh? Feeling much better actually, but have always wanted to use this title of a Steve Taylor song of my teen years for something and it seemed like a goodie to get attention (oh lordy, attention grabbing at my age...) Anyway, thanks to Annie for thoughts, feel loved and looked after now! Just finished the Easter busy-ness, and what a great Holy Week and Easter it was, though after my services yesterday i crashed out on the sofa and am recovering from stiff neck due to dodgy sleeping position.... I find that taking time and effort over Holy Week has enhance my celebration of Easter significantly - it wasn't something i discovered until i started as a Curate in SW London (Hampton, to be precise) - my Vicar had a series of services that he went through every night in Holy Week and I since I became a Vicar myself I have followed the pattern and every year find more and more meaning in what we do. Easter itself was joyful and refreshing, despite the physical tirednes

just when you thought it was safe to go back to the blogger...

Another hiatus - four months! For those who hang on my every word (cue hysterical laughter) this may have been a tough time! But, hey, no point apologising, things have been busy, and i have had a major dose of creativity fatigue or is that just fatigue? My days are spent doing the things i can only get done during the day, services, visiting, meetings, lots and lots of phone calls. My evenings are spent preparing for these things, plus trying to pray sometimes (this seems more rare the busier my minstry comes, certainly the inverse of what should happen), getting admin done, preparing services, sometimes (more rarely than i would like) reading, writing sermons, sometimes visiting the pub (in collar, most of the time) and with other meetings and some visits which can only be done when people aren't at work. But there is always more to be done, more demands, and even complaints that i don't do enough... Again, this isn't a complaint, just an observation, and a request