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Dil Se . Cover , Benny Dayal, Rukmini Vijayakumar

There's so much life and vibrancy in this dance and in this classic Bollywood song re-visioned by Benny Dayal. I've been watching it repeatedly for the past two weeks, it's just beautiful. Admittedly, I've watched it enough times to see that Benny's spectacles really need cleaning. And to love the moment where the butterfly flutters past Rukmini. Also, if you want to watch the full band version, it's available here - recorded, as is necessary in these days of pandemic, in the different homes of the musicians. Along with the dance on Rukmini's rooftop terrance. Listen again? Don't mind if I do, ta.

So today I got blocked

Hi - remember me, and that Jan 3rd posting about blogging daily? Well, that hasn't worked out too well. So I am back, hopefully with some ideas to be kicking around and getting responses to. As I've mentioned before I do blog every now and then on our Church website St John the Divine Anglican Church  - in fact I did managed an Art blog every day through Lent there, and I do get to write for the local paper's Spiritually Speaking every few months with an article in the print edition and a blog post follow up. I'm also doing the usual round of preaching, speaking, leading etc, even in these Pandemic times - and there's daily prayers on our website and Facebook Page , and our Sunday Services are livestreamed to our YouTube page.  So it's quiet here, but I am not quiet. As my wife will probably tell you if you ask!  That aside - why the sudden urge to post?  Well #BlackLivesMatter and so does truth, and today I saw on a page a posting by someone who clearly doesn