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normal service will be resumed

as soon as plausible.... Off for a few weeks, might not be able to blog in the meantime, if not then have a good time this August folks! Oh, and its our fifteenth wedding anniversary today, so am spending it doing admin before I leave :-)

Another stolen Meme!

As Dr John said, Melli's blog is a goldmine for memes. I like this one 1. If I could travel back in time, I'd go to the gym more as a young man (or tell myself to go to the gym more, whatever makes sense!) 2. Give me truth or give me nothing 3. I am listening to the Resurrection Band . 4. Somewhere, someone is thinking what's the Vicar doing? 5. I'll always be in love with my family 6. My idea of a good time includes motorbikes, music, worship, God, friends and family - though some of these are incompatible with others 7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to seeing the batman movie tomorrow my plans include working and getting things ready for holiday and Sunday, I want to celebrate my mother's sixtieth birthday, followed by a trip to France I know that it's meant to be a Friday meme, but by then I will be gone down to Devon, another look at the Vicarage and meet a few Parishioners, then party with mum for the weeke

Monday thoughts and a sermon

Good day yesterday, Sunday, only two services and both were encouraging and energising (which can't always be said about Sunday worship services!) A simple Holy Communion from the book of Common Prayer (1662) to start my day and a contemporary language Parish Communion for our mid-morning service, two Churches not far apart so no rushing about trying to get there on time, both well attended and both with a feeling of worship and friendship and prayer. Like one of the parishioners said about another event a little while ago 'it's like we turned up and God made sure he was there too'! I preached on the Old Testament reading which I had preached on before, it felt right to use some material which I had used previously again, which rarely happens. I'll put that sermon at the end of this post with a link to the full text at New Kid Deep Stuff . Today has been spent mainly in the company of the Rural Dean, who was undertaking the Archdeacon's visitation (ie check

New Blog!

I found a cracking new blog today , written by a buddy of mine in Milton Keynes, another Anglican Priest and all round good chap - he's written some very good reflections from his time on sabbatical over the past few months and I highly recommend a visit. I must now put his blog on my sidebar, and had I known he would have been one of the magnificent seven yesterday... Though I'm not sure who I wouldn't have had from the list! find Tim's blog here


It's been fun catching up on the blogosphere, and following a link from Quilly I ended up at insanity prevails where was posted a reading meme, so here's my version.... 1. Do you remember how you developed a love of reading? I can't remember a time when I didn't love reading, at school I used to (metaphorically) devour books, and read them again and again - I used to love the imagination that went into comic books (especially Marvel & DC) and just read and read and read and read. 2. What are some books you loved as a child? I used to read the professor Branestawm books, Harry Harrison's 'Men from p.i.g. and r.o.b.o.t', there was a lot of sci-fi in my early reading, and I had read H G Wells' 'The War of the Worlds' about a dozen times before leaving Primary School. I did like Roald Dahl books, though I tended to read things like his short stories rather than his children's books! As mentioned above I read lots of comic books and par

Quick link

Sank has responded to my comment about his groovy guitar playing with a post of a song called 'The Cape' .... Enjoy

nearly there

According to my archive, 09/08/04 was my first blog post ( for those who do it the wrong way round, that translates as 9th August 2004) and as I know its unlikely that I'll get to post that day, as I am travelling down to see my mother for her birthday celebrations and then off to France, I thought I would just mention it as I'd thought of it! I'm only on 576 posts, so it will be a while before I get to give out some tremendous prize when I get to my 1000th, which seems like more of a crucial milestone really.....

The magnificent seven

As promised, here are seven blogs worth visiting, as well as the ones mentioned in my previous post - ah, heck, go and visit all the ones in the sidebar, they are all worth a visit! But here's the pick for today.... Old and in the way - I love Sank's blog, home grown wisdom, funny stuff he and his family are up to and lots of great stories about their various adventures. Gary himself comes across as wiser and funnier than he probably thinks he is. He's good on the guitar too - check out his flikr link! Nick's Sanctuary - Nick is a Christian who thinks deeply and writes powerfully about pretty much everything and anything. He knows how to have a good rant every now and then, but he's always measured, considerate and often able to point out things in an enlightening way - very good on Doctor Who and sci-fi and faith generally, I like his recent thoughts on Roboboy too! It's Kinda Confusing right now - Tom himself has admitted he's been a bit flakey lately

On feeling encouraged

Bill at The Old Fart's Blog has given me the great honour of awarding me the Brillante Weblog accolade which he, in turn, has been awarded by Dr John... He says its because I can make him laugh and think - which is one of the most encouraging things I think anyone could ever say about my blog, so many thanks Bill There's a condition attached, which says that I too must nominate seven blogs to receive the same and say why - though Dr John and Quilly and Bill, three names which would naturally come in those seven have already been nominated, so go visit them anyway as the award is deserved by all three - Bill because of his warmth, thoughtfulness and honesty, Dr John because he always has something good to say and Pigeon Falls is wonderful, Quilly because she is funny and thought provoking.... But with those three out of the running I will scour my links list (to the right) and think again.... More later today! The second encouragement was probably the most moving and profoun