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Happy New Year

I can't believe it was October when i last posted - it has been a manic few months, very very busy. Anyway, to the chosen few who check on this every now and then - hope 2006 is a goodie. i do hope to get back to some more regular blogging, but at the moment won't make any promises. Have now discovered firefox which is making my whole online thing much more easy and quick, so it might even be an incentive to do some more! Writing has pretty much gone out of the window too! Life is fun, but there seems to be an awful lot of it going on. Since i've been away i've had lots of funerals, some baptisms, a whole host of visits to the sick/elderly/lonely/bereaved/chatty, my daughters fourth birthday, another stone in weight added to my already ample frame, and of course Christmas with about fifty renditions of 'hark the herald angels sing'. We had record attendances at all but one of our services so i ended up feeling very tired and very happy. The afternoo