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Should have written last week but found real life intruding on my blogtime - very incosiderate of reality if you ask me.

Last week was a trip to holy joes which was a great way to spend a tuesday evening - now meeting in a little place called 'the greencoat boy' in London which is in Greencoat place. New venue, same old vibe, it was fun to be back in a venue that felt a little bit 'dingy' rather than 'shabby' which was the feeling of the 'bag o' nails'.

Anyway, good crowd, good conversation. For those of you who haven't checked out the website yet www.holyjoes.com is still worth visiting, you can also check out their blog which is just starting up on http://holyjoes.blogspot.com. The hope is that this will be an online version of HJs conversations of the deep and profound type we have on Tuesday nights. Having said that blogger wont let me sign in to make comments at the moment so i will have to try again later.

The conversation a couple of Tuesdays back, when i was leading the session, or facilitating or something like that was about 'Faith'. The original plan was 'Faith, Hope, Love' but we only managed to start with the first bit, so i will save the other parts of the talk for another time or times. As always, leading a session at HJs is as much a learning experience as anything else and i found the evening really thought provoking.

It all comes down to what this faith thing is. The notes for what i said will be posted when i get around to setting up my website!!! I am slow on this tech thingy and blogging is proving to be trying enough without trying to set up a webpage.

So, Faith. It's all about holding close to this amazing, frightening, exciting, awe-inspiring relationship we have with God. That seems to be the result of a few years of study, a couple of seminars i led at greenbelt a few years back and our talk at Holy Joes. There's lots more we can say about what that means, but what I think strikes me again and again is that it is not about doctrine, or theology or church (all of which i consider important) or even Bible (ditto and some) but about relationship.

This is what makes faith alive, vibrant, exciting, special, crucial.

Much more to be said but that's all i can do for now as i have to go somewhere. Comments welcomed...


Alastair said…
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Alastair said…
addendum - website does contain the thoughts promised, a little incoherent (bear in mind originally written as a talk, so might contain some thoughts better expressed out loud with explanation!) http://www.fracme.net/5301/5328.html

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