Another day another explosion

November 6th and most of the local villages and towns are having their bonfire night fireworks tonight - though there were a few who did it properly yesterday on the great feast of Guy Fawkes night.

For those of you of a USA or international persuasion then Guy Fawkes night, or Bonfire night, or even good old November 5th is the night we remember the thwarting of a plan to blow up the houses of parliament about 399 years ago (we British have long memories and really know how to hold a grudge)

The fact that Fawkes was part of a Roman Catholic Conspiracy in early Protestant(ish) England offers even more chance to make this time of year divisive, though fortunately most people don't take the original basis of the festival terribly seriously. In Lewes though they still burn an effigy of the Pope on the 5th November - again, though, not many people know what that means.

It's all a bit like Christmas in modern western society - most people enjoy it, but very few have an idea about what it really means. Perhaps this in itself is not a bad thing, if people think that peace, joy and love are a good thing, with whatever basis, and that they are good things to make the most of, then that in itself is positive, surely?

Discuss, with reference to salvation... Your time starts now.


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