Must be at fifteen minutes now...

Well, interview with premier radio went well, I think... thought I might be asked more about Jesus but felt that the presenter John Pantry was a very sympathetic interviewer and keen to talk about how the Church and pub interacted in Yarcombe and the purpose of being a licensee. I think he was surprised at the fact that I wear my clerical collar all the time, even when on duty in the pub!

But it has made me look again at why I am doing what I am doing! It's not about the beer or the novelty, it's not about being famous (or infamous) but about reaching out to a community and saying that the church wants to be a part of all of life, not just 'holy bits' on a Sunday or whenever.

It's nice for the ego to be interviewed on the radio, or to have feedback from being in the papers, but in the end the concern is to make this project more effective and well known. It is another way of saying 'the church is here for you - even in ways you might not expect'. I take inspiration from Jesus and the way that he met with people on their own territory as well as in the temple or synagogue, and that he obviously spent enough time with those who were out of the preferred religious orbit to be called a 'winebibber and a glutton'. If we are to show the love of God to all, without judgement, without prejudice and without being a closed community locked up doing religious stuff then being involved in our communities with no strings attached beyond a desire to be there, to love, to serve and to care must be foundational!

So, that's my thoughts on being a publican and priest (again).


Dr.John said…
Every time I read your blog I think he is just like an American Lutheran.I tried to be part of the greater community during my ministry as well. And I always wore my clerical collar as a way o0f saying the church was there.

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