Slightly Freaked out

Hi all

It has been far too long, but things have stacked up, piled up, fallen over, been piled up again, been sorted, then left a bit, then stacked up again, put into new piles, fallen over etc etc etc

I am slighty freaked out that I won lovely Quilly's 'Punny Monday' over at
and haven't written anything on this blog for ages, so feel I have wasted time (as the prize is being the featured blog of the week) and squandered the opportunity to have good folk come and make comments about my blog, life, faith, whatever.

So apologies. When life gets a little less busy, and I am sure it will one day soon, I will give this blog the time it deserves and you good folk with have something to comment/reflect/muse on and I will look forward to doing that.

For now - have a very Happy and Blessed Easter, and may the risen life of Christ be yours today and always! Alleluia Christ is risen! He is risen indeed - Alleluia!


quilly said…
Lucky for you forgiveness is very popular this time of year, so we'll let you slide. Happy Easter, Alastair.

Rejoice, the tomb is empty!
Nick Payne said…
I keep having to poke myself in the butt as well. I managed to string two days together in a row this week... haven't done that in a while!

Happy Resurrection Day!
Melli said…
Life has BEEN like that around HERE lately too! I do miss your sermons though! (and you in general!) I hope your Easter was blessed! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!
fragmentz said…
i tweeted happy easter on time, but i'll belatedly blog a happy easter to you too :)

i hope you got some time out and a chance to get some rest though


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