REZ Land of Stolen Breath - Mobile.m4v

I have a fondness for heavy rock - goes with the whole biker/guitarist/yobbo vibe that I succumb to every now and then (having spent day at Bishop's House in grubby jeans and clerical collar as I rode to my training day today). For me the epitome of well put together heavy music with a message is REZ aka Resurrection Band. They may have a somewhat different take on Christian Faith to me, in some ways, but the passion and the prophetic nature of their music and ministry inspires and challenges me, I love the music too - though I realise it probably isn't everyone's cuppa tea :-) This particular song is one of my favourites, with a very powerful message behind the slightly ropey 1990s video.... Just a little glimpse into my slightly odd, yet deeply committed to faith, world....


Melli said…
LOL! Wellllllll... all I can say is this is why there ARE different kinds of music ... cuz there ARE different kinds of people! And God made us VERY different in our musical tastes Alastair!!! LOL! However... my son would LOVE this! (but he wouldn't pay any attention to the words!) I have found him countless times listening to Christian rock... but totally unaware of it!
quilly said…
Nice new do! Looking spiffy!

I kind of like the music. I might have to listen a couple more times to actually get the words. I can see a place for this in the line up of Christian music -- we are supposed to reach out and include, not draw lines and exclude.

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