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As usual, having already posted today, I'll do a second post....

For some of you who know me well this is not news, for others the announcement of my move to another job, and another country, another province of the Anglican Church might come as a bit of a surprise, but anyway, here's the official bit:

November 27, 2012
To be read at all Services at St. John the Divine on Sunday, December 2nd, 2012To the Wardens and Members of St. John the Divine, Victoria
Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
It gives me pleasure to announce that The Reverend Alistair McCollum has accepted my appointment of him as Incumbent of the Parish of St. John the Divine, Victoria. This appointment is effective August 1, 2013.
Mr. McCollum hails from Devon in the United Kingdom where he is presently the Vicar of The Five Alive Mission Community, which reaches out and serves five rural villages in East Devon in the Diocese of Exeter. He is married to Josephine (Jo) and together they have two children, Katherine and Jack. Alistair has served as Rural Dean (Honiton Deanery), as Vice-Chair of the Ely Diocesan Committee for Family and Social Welfare and has been involved in the training of lay readers.
I wish to thank the members of the Bishop’s Consultation Committee for their work in this appointment process. I also wish to thank The Reverend Dr. Larry Scyner, The Reverend Sarah Belknap, and The Reverend Canon Karen Fast for their leadership in the parish.
Please pray for Alistair, Josephine, Katherine and Jack, yourselves and me as we enter into this time of transition.
In Christ,
The Right Reverend James A.J. Cowan
Bishop, Diocese of British Columbia

St John the Divine, Victoria, BC

I could do a long spiel about how unexpected this was (it was) and how sad it will be to leave this area and these people (it will) and how exciting the prospect of working at St John the Divine will be (it is) but if I do get this blog up and running again I suspect that much of my process will be visible here - and all of those things will get a significant airing.

So if you want to go and check out the website for St John's then it's here: St John The Divine.  There will be lots more to be said in the coming weeks and months - we move in June/July and are looking forward to getting to know a new place and new people and to having new adventures.

To be continued.....


Cannuk said…
As one of the St. John's congregation, we're thrilled to have you. Rev.Larry Syner was back from was back from his vacation today with a smile wide because you were coming. Also because it means he can retire, which he has been trying to do for at least 15 years! I hope Devon can forgive us for stealing you away. You'll find a lot of familiar things here -- language, ex-pat Brits, and pubs with real ale. There will be some differences though -- soft water, sockeye salmon, hockey (always on ice), and driving on the right. One thing that we like to do a lot with each other is eat with great gusto. Hope you and your family are up for that. And as for commenting on blogs, we're pretty good at that, too. (I'm the one who found you on facebook last week.)

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