A Review of Sinner's Creed audio Download

This is a surprisingly honest, thoughtful, reflective account of the Creed frontman's experience.

From the vivid opening statement of a 'fall from grace' (and from the balcony of a hotel) through the rollercoaster of Scott Stapps life this is an honest, intelligent reflection on the story of a creative, thoughtful, troubled soul.

A more cynical listener might dismiss this as Stapps trying to explain his reasons why all of the criticisms levelled at him are unjustified. If one listens carefully, though, there is an almost brutal honesty about his own failings, the pain he has felt and darkness that has often been overwhelming in his life.

The big surprise is how articulate Stapps is about his own faith and life - obviously he's a creative singer and writer, but the way he is able to talk openly about an abusive father, substance addiction, his own 'hero complex' and rejection of narrow Church experience is a revelation.

This six and a half hour opus is well narrated with plenty of expression, the content compelling and the style easy to listen to. Recommended listening!

I had a free download copy from Christianaudio, but didn't have to be positive, this review is all my own opinion!


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