Another review - Next Generation Leader

I've been enjoying listening to audiobooks as I have travelled around lately, and am fortunate to be a part of ChristianAudio's reveiw panel, so here is my latest review:

Andy Stanley - Next Generation Leader

After spending a fair amount of my Masters reading books on leadership I can honestly say I wish I'd had this one to refer to! A warm, practical and spiritual guide to what makes a good leader tick and a good grounding for all of us called to any form of leadership in business or ministry.

One of the pleasant aspects of this book is how Stanley's advice, rooted firmly in Biblical narrative, is transferable between 'sacred' and 'secular' occupations. It's makes clear yet unforced connections between our own integrity as Christians and our ability to function as effective leaders. Many books of this type seem to try and shoehorn Biblical examples into contemporary living, whereas Andy Stanley uses the stories and characters of Scripture to both ground and exemplify the gifts and requirements of Leadership.

The narration is clear, easy to listen to, but also keeps one's attention. It made very good in-car listening, with lots of parts grabbing my attention.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this free as part of Christiaudio's Review opportunities, but this did not in anyway influence my opinion of this product.


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