The Sermon for this week

Another sermon...  This one a bit of an interaction...


Bob MacDonald said…
Thanks for this sermon - laughed out loud several times - mouth watering scones...

I wondered about ultimately obedient. What about Jonah? his 'in depth' obedience is moot at the end. (Yet I cannot condemn him - too much of a good example and too much a good story).

re arguing - Ticciati's "Job and the Disruption of Identity" (at the UVIC library) is a very fine reading. The noun derived from argue/reason in Hebrew is the word referee - a word she develops in the dialogue with Job - altogether a good read. I posted a bit on her work here on one of my old blogs.

Here is a snippet: But it is in the theme of reasoning (the word groups around a word meaning - to prove, decide, judge, rebuke, reprove, correct, be right and so on) that runs through the poem - that there arises the special role or character of referee. The friends fail, Elihu is indeterminate, God invites Job to be his own referee and he accepts with his hand over his mouth, and Ticciati puts God in this role also.

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