Jesus is Lord, or King, or say what??!?!?!

We use words, titles, images and ideas in our Christian lingo that perhaps don't mean what we think they mean.  Or what they used to mean.  Or what we want them to mean.  Or what we are afraid they mean.

This Sunday is the festival of  'The Reign of Christ', at least that is how it is known in the Anglican Church of Canada. In other traditions it is know as the 'Festival of Christ the King'.  The idea of calling God 'King' is fraught with difficulty, as is the use of so many of the images that many of us who have been immersed in Christian culture for some while tend to use.

So I felt the need to preach on some of the difficulties with the image of Christ as King, to touch on the issues of gender and power that come with such a title, to consider exactly what type of ruler we might consider Christ to be, and to respond to a conversation (some might even call it an argument) that has been taking place on my Facebook page following a status I posted a few days ago.  Here's the sermon.


Crystal said…
Hi Alastair,
I thought I'd share a scene that came to mind at first during your sermon today, during which I was a bit worried that in discussing the title of King you were going to suggest its removal. (Glad, of course, to understand the refocusing on Shepard-King and Good Shepard, particularly the fantastic portion from Philippians.)

Anyway, what came to mind was this clip that demonstrates what can happen when descriptive characteristics are stripped in efforts to create a comfortable, all inclusive school mascot:
Bob MacDonald said…
God perspective - thanks. I am struck repeatedly when I reread Psalm 106 by the request in vs 4:
remember me יהוה
in the acceptance of your people
visit me in your salvation

It is so like the words from the thief on the cross.
Alastair said…
Crystal,thank you, loved the YouTube vid!

Bob, thank you also, those words are indeed powerfully resonant with those of the penitent thief.
Bob MacDonald said…
Ah - I just noticed the missing 'o' in good :|
Alastair said…
And I just thought you were being really affirming about my writing, Bob.

Not that I would ever claim to have God's perspective, honest!

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