Today's sermon

Today I preached a sermon that I found moving both to prepare and to share.  I am struck at this point in my journey of faith by the great privilege of the ministry to which I am called, but the graciousness of my Christian community and by the sense of moving together in our sharing of story.  We are growing as a Christian fellowship.

So this sermon is very personal, and relatively dense - I will post it as a podcast but for now here is the text version. This follows on directly from last week's sermon and a few people wanted the text, probably to dissect! As always, taster on this page, link takes you to New Kid Deep Stuff blog (much underused these days)...

Epiphany 2 (2014) Year A RCL Principal

Come and See

First up, a little thought which I did say to the sermon Circle I wasn’t going to share, but it leads me into what I want to say this Morning too well to keep to myself.  It’s not the pig with three legs joke, but it is about animals…

A man takes his dog to the vet and after an examination the Vet takes him aside and says, I am very sorry but your dog doesn’t have long to go, now, and all we can do is make him comfortable.

The man refuses to believe it and demands a second opinion. So the vet agrees and whistles – from the back room comes a tabby cat which sniffs around the dog lying prone, pokes it and then looks up at the vet, shakes its head and dolefully says ‘meeow’. [more]


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