Back from away


back from hols - licking wounds? Anyway, on reading old blog wondered if i had said too much or been too introspective and decided that if i am going to give this blog a chance i have to be honest with how i feel as i go along...

honesty still best policy methinks, besides - i'm pretty sure that this goes out into ether anyway... if not then 'hello out there'

should probably say that issue with regards to last posting is in progress, at least in my head, and i am thinking about rights and wrongs of my reaction, as well as working on some moving on in that. where too next? We open ourselves up to others and are vulnerable and find that so much of what we do can be misunderstood. At the same time of course we misunderstand others and end up in a feedback loop, spiralling in against each other until something blows

it can be an instant - it can happen over years.

Enough deep stuff - bit of light heartedness to explain absence. I've been away for a couple of weeks for a holiday in France, and i've decided i am becoming a definite francophile. We always take our family hols in France. Actually, that in itself is a revelation - I am discovering the joys of being a 'family group' as trips abroad are now 'family holidays' - me and daughter Kat and wife jo (with bump).

So two weeks of sun, sand, spouse and small beautiful person. We did the usual 'Marche' thing that we do and went all round the region where we stayed in Britanny visiting most of the local markets. The fresh food in France is amazing, and being in a tent for two weeks meant that we enjoyed more meals out than we could afford and bought lots of treats which we considered necessary due to lack of amenities under canvas. I have a good grasp of that wonderful bastardisation of French and English known as 'Franglais' so whilst desperately trying to speak French i manage to cause great amusement to my hearer with my terrible pronunciation and inability to choose the right words.

Another revelation - not only do i want to write this book previously mentioned about philosophy and contemporary theology, i think i want to write a novel. As i sat on the westernmost tip of France (called the Cap du Raz) i had a moment which made me realise i too could write a novel - i was particularly inspired by a (very good) novel i had been reading called 'Astonishing splashes of colour' though i can't remember the author offhand - and it helped me to consider what my 'literary voice' might be.

If i get to write and publish i will let you know.

Anyway - great holiday, somewhat delayed by bad weather for Sea Crossing so ended up getting in at 5am this morning instead of 1am and haven't quite caught up yet. It is the 1.25 am now so really should get to bed.


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