I could be funny

I realised looking through my previous postings that there is no indication at all of me having a sense of humour

i do, so there

it may not be very obvious, but let me assure you - i have hidden shallows.

Anyway, this is all in order that i can write out this line which i picked up from an advert for a Comedy Club in Cambridge - two days after reading it I still keep laughing at unexpected moments due to this wonderful line from Milton Jones
'When my Grandfather got ill my Grandmother greased his back. After that he went downhill quite quickly'


normal service will be resumed as soon as i get around to it. I am debating whether or not to go to the Greenbelt after festival 'do' in London tonight, but if i was going to go i should really have set off by now.


Unknown said…
Hi There,

I feel honoured to be your first commenter!

I found your blog my clicking on Martyn Joseph on my profile. I then found you had a child and a bump - me too!! My husband and I have 1 son and an 8 week bump.

I like your blog. I started writing mine as a place to me honest - stripping away the masks - eventually I will get to the last one and reveal my real identity!

Please visit my blog and if you have a few minutes to spare perhaps you could respond to the 'What is Spirituality?' thread.

Also have you come across www.reallivepreacher.com definately a blog of note, and as an MJ fan have you visited www.martynjoseph.com ?

Many blessings on your upcoming happy event - I would be interested to hear how your older child copes with the new addition as we will have that trauma to come also!

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