Think again

Nick, of Nick's Sanctuary has nominated me for a thinking blogger award. Despite not getting a shiny trophy or financial reward I am very pleased to have been nominated. It's a kind of compliment wrapped up in a meme, the origins of which can be found here.

In return for being nominated I am expected to link to five other blogs which are deserving of the award. As anyone who reads regularly will know i hold a number of bloggers in very high regard, even if I might not agree with them! I believe Dr John and Jenny haha have been nominated before so from my regular links and from the world of blogging generally here are five blogs that make me think

Brian comes in first, despite the fact that he told me he's already feeling bored of blogging... Or doesn't want to get sucked into it too much. I still like what he writes and there's plenty to think about in his posts.

Next is Jeff, who may think this a dubious nomination, but i love reading his blog, even when i don't grasp what he's saying, or don't agree!

Third in this list of illustrious thinkers is Annie - who is a real live published author, as her most recent post tells us. I've read the first of her books and really enjoyed it. She also regularly publishes articles in various newspapers and on websites, many of which she reproduces on her blog. Good, challenging, often uncomfortable reading.

Penultimately, Quilly's blog has probably been nominated before, but a quick browse didn't reveal anything there, funny, irreverent and with links to her other blog 'the grownups wanted us dead' which are more often than not hilarious and/or thought provoking.

Last, but not least (this list is not in order of merit) Nick Page is a witty wordsmith with a whole string of books under his belt. Again funny, again thought provoking, and well worth a visit anytime.

I will get around to going to these blogs and letting them know they've been tagged, if any of you pop around here please follow the link to find out what to do if you wish to follow this up!

Everyone else, go read and get some good thinking done, enjoy!


Anonymous said…
This would be my fourth nomination. First was Silverneurotic. Second was O'Ceallaigh. The third was Brig. Now you.

I do believe my head is beginning to swell! Thank you.
Anonymous said…
I lied to you Alastair, Kat nominated me just a few hours before you did! I waiver between shock and awe.
jeff said…
Hey, I'll take it! Thanks, you're my favorite Anglican and really, what greater reward is there than knowing that?
Tom said…
I read through the blogs you picked. All good choices. I'm continually amazed by the shear number of talented, intelligent people there are out there. It's a happy kind of surprise.
Shoot! I thought I had seen you were already nominated. Oh well! That's what you get for being so thought provoking!

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