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Anyway, enjoy....
The panicky world learns that a giant meteor will crash on earth's surface in 10 days and end it all.
* Roman Catholics: converge on Rome for solemn papal prayers.
* Episcopalians: stage one last cocktail party before the end.
* Lutherans: “ein deutsches Bierfest” for the same reason.
* Baptists: hold biggest revival in history for one last attempt to turn the whole world Baptist before the end, whether the world wants to or not.
* Methodists: organize small groups for heart-burning prayer and testimony.
* Quakers: sit quietly and await the end.
* Mormons: plunge into the Great Salt Lake in earth's biggest baptism-by-proxy ceremony.
* Presbyterians: appoint a committee to make a thorough study of the entire situation.
* United Church: commission a study booklet so all the congregations can discuss the issue. They are to report back in two years.


Anonymous said…
OC says that obviously the United Church folks are the ones with the greatest faith.
Who says the Clergy don't have a Sense of Humor. It that the United Church of Canada?????

My Grandmother would be spinning in her grave if she could see what has become of her Beloved United Church.

Thanks for Sharing Alastair. I had a good chuckle.

PS ~ I didn't see the Anglican's mentioned.
Alastair said…
Anglican, Episcopalian, you say Tomayto etc etc

good to see you, Bill - hope the driving is fun!

Good to see you too, Quilly, hope everything is fun, within reason of course.....
Alastair ~ stop by my blog and see today's entry 30 July 08, there is something waiting for you.

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