Now the truth can be told

Not been blogging, and been quite distracted lately, due to the last week where I went around the country and had two job interviews! I have been thinking very seriously about 'discernment' and how I find out God's will for what I should be doing - normally I just get on with things and hope they work out (that sounds like a very Godless statement for a Vicar, but do remember things get prayed about on the way too!)

This week i went for two sets of job interviews, and found myself in the position of being offered both! I have, after prayer and some serious thought and talking things through, declined one of the offers - there were lots of good things about the position, and it was in a wonderful location, but it simply 'felt wrong' as I prayed about it, and various little bits of the process made me less easy about accepting it. I am sure the 'right person' will make a very good job of it and will find it both challenging and enjoyable - but certain aspects of it seemed less like a progression from my present role and either a sideways move or slightly moving backwards. The housing available (which is a very important part of things when you are moving your family too) wasn't quite what would have suited the family. I know that we have been spoiled by the present house we are in, but what was on offer was just too small, especially the study - my crucial consideration!

The second job seems very much a move forward, but is very much out in the rural 'sticks' in Devon. There are many many reasons why this would be a good job, and I am excited about the prospect. As I am praying and considering it (I haven't been given a deadline for making the decision to say yes or no, though I hope to visit with my wife in the next few days) I am feeling quite excited about the possibility - though I am still considering whether or not we are being called to move on from this present team, and from parishes I love deeply, from people who are grappling with very real issues of how to live and proclaim faith. I am torn, and continue to pray - and for any of you out there for who prayer is a habit or a desire, i would be grateful if you could aim a few for me up to 'the big fella' (or 'lass' if you have a broad theology!)


James Stickings said…
prayers a-hummin
Nick Payne said…
I'll be glad to pitch a few words in for you.
Dr.John said…
I remember how hard that decesion was to make. I am praying for you.

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