The magnificent seven

As promised, here are seven blogs worth visiting, as well as the ones mentioned in my previous post - ah, heck, go and visit all the ones in the sidebar, they are all worth a visit!

But here's the pick for today....

Old and in the way - I love Sank's blog, home grown wisdom, funny stuff he and his family are up to and lots of great stories about their various adventures. Gary himself comes across as wiser and funnier than he probably thinks he is. He's good on the guitar too - check out his flikr link!

Nick's Sanctuary - Nick is a Christian who thinks deeply and writes powerfully about pretty much everything and anything. He knows how to have a good rant every now and then, but he's always measured, considerate and often able to point out things in an enlightening way - very good on Doctor Who and sci-fi and faith generally, I like his recent thoughts on Roboboy too!

It's Kinda Confusing right now - Tom himself has admitted he's been a bit flakey lately in his post frequency (perhaps even less frequent than me!), but now he's all shiny and married he has posted a couple of great thoughts in the past few weeks, obviously wedded bliss is inspiring... Tom's archive is well worth exploring as he thinks out loud about life, faith, hope, fear and all that stuff

Dave Walker's Cartoon Blog - Witty and insightful observations of the quirks and quandries of the Church of England, very well worth a visit, funny and often quite thought provoking. Yay, go Dave.

Annie Porthouse - I wish Annie blogged more frequently, cos she always writes good stuff. Annie is a writer, a Christian and someone seeking to live ethically and generously. She's involved in 'generous' which (if I've got my facts right) sprang from the Greenbelt project called 'The year of living generously' which sought to challenge people to commit to lifestyles that were (and are) generous towards ourselves, neighbours, God and God's creation - initially for a year but those who took part I think found themselves profoundly effected by it all!

Diary from England - Naomi's observations on life in this particular corner of our sceptred Isle. Warm, informative, enjoyable, sometimes quirky, often funny. It's nice to go and read the thoughs of someone who is genuinely good natured and doesn't have a big agenda behind what she writes.

and last but not least, not that these have been in any particular order!

Eric has Issues - thoughts from someone whose thoughts are worth reading, frequently entertaining, often containing lots to consider, approaching life with humour and reflecting on the vagaries of the world in his own inimitable way.

So, to all of you listed above, please feel free to swipe the award artwork to add to your blog, then pick seven of your own, should you wish, to share the award. If you aren't on this list, don't worry, as Dr John pointed out, with seven people above potentially choosing seven other blogs, and the chain continuing, there is a very good chance that most everyone on the internet will end up with it at some time!


Dr.John said…
I wish I had time to visit them all. They look like great choices.
Naomi said…
Many thanks for the award Alastair and the kind words. I'm here on a long overdue visit to your blog. You've made some good choices there. I'm off to visit some of them now.
Anonymous said…
thanks for the kudos... "inimitable" will be by word of the day.

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