nearly there

According to my archive, 09/08/04 was my first blog post ( for those who do it the wrong way round, that translates as 9th August 2004) and as I know its unlikely that I'll get to post that day, as I am travelling down to see my mother for her birthday celebrations and then off to France, I thought I would just mention it as I'd thought of it!

I'm only on 576 posts, so it will be a while before I get to give out some tremendous prize when I get to my 1000th, which seems like more of a crucial milestone really.....


Congratulations on your 576th Post. We will all be here when you reach the 1000th Post.
Anonymous said…
I am approaching my 1000th! Do I have to give out a prize?! How about winners choice of one of my photos? ;)

Happy soon-to-be Anniversary.
Naomi said…
Congratulations Alastair! Just getting past your 500th post is a big milestone. It won't be long before you reach your 1000th post at this rate. I'm up to 800 and something!

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