Small endings....

Life at the moment is a series of small endings, final PCCs, final services in some Churches, last visits to people, a huge amount of sorting out.

In the midst of this we had a new beginning, as our new Team Rector took office at a rather lavish ceremony in one of our Team Churches on Wednesday evening, we had the Bishop of Ely, our Archdeacon, the Rural Dean and a host of civic dignitaries come and and mark the beginning of this new phase in the life of our Team. I have tried to avoid talking too much about my leaving until this point, as I didn't want the two to be confused - as I have said countless times, the appointment of a new Team Rector is nothing to do with my moving on, in fact it was one of the factors that made it harder to think about moving as she will be a real boon for the team, and having worked with her for four years I am constantly impressed by her vision, her pastoral skills and her energy and sensitivity in ministry.

So we had a great service, at which I had a minor, rather invisible part (by choice) as part of the worship band, which was great fun. One of the things I will miss when I move is being part of a small group of musicians who lead worship for our fortnightly worship services. It is one of many things I will miss.

So our minds are now turning towards the practicalities of the move, packing, removal companies, setting up essentials like a phone line and utilities at the other end, getting motorbikes sorted and/or crated, how to get both cars to Devon, picking up our ebay purchases for the new house! Our holiday, which I mentioned I might blog about, seems a long way away, though if some time is available, i will say a bit about that. Now it's time to enjoy a day off, with my rather late breakfast waiting for me in the kitchen, then to cut the lawn and get a few odds and ends sorted today.


Anonymous said…
What? You didn't expect to be busy? :)

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