Word of the day

Today's word is 'blearghhhh' because that's how I feel - bit nauseous, bit tired, glad I don't have a meeting tonight.

I'm not moaning, its partly because I've been trying to catch up on various things, including writing magazine letters, shredding lots and lots of bits of paper I don't want to take with me when I move, meetings (some better than others) and various admin bits - I'm just doing lots of things and have got lots done, not a bad thing at all.

Right now, as well as feeling slightly ropey, I've also got a bit of a caffeine overdose which a couple of hours with the children will soon deal with. I do like the fact that being with my gorgeous offspring (I am biased, I know) completely takes me out of myself and I just get on with playing, readings stories, feeding, bathing or whatever needs doing. I think that every now and then (well, most days) I need something that takes me 'out of myself' and makes me just get on with stuff! It's easy in this job to be introspective and indulge in a fair amount of 'navel gazing' - of course there are times that this isn't possible, but equally its a trap that is easy to find ourselves in, particularly on a day like today which has involved lots of admin and sorting out the study (the shredding was fun, though).

So thank God for reality checks and the grounding that having a family gives.


Dr.John said…
Shredding before moving is fun and almost Presidential.
Anonymous said…
blearghhhh -- I agree. I commute 2 hours every morning to work, put in an 8 hour day (add an extra half hour for lunch) and commute home 2 hours every night after picking OC up at work and on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays sitting through band practice. This means I leave home about 5:30 every morning and return about 10:30 every evening.

The boss asked me if I'd like the afternoon off. I jumped at the chance, took the car to OC, got on the bus and slept most of the way home. Now I'm feeling just a little discombobulated, but I am home at the hour I normally get off work. Yay!
Moving can be a bit stressful, I know exactly how you feel Alastair, I went though it all in 1996 when I moved here. This is why I am not going to change places to live whilst I live in Calgary, IF and when I move again it will be to Ontario to be closer to my Sister.

Sorry that I haven't been by lately and leaving comments, just been too busy with the job, then when I get home the brain melts and I an no good for nothing.

Glad you are able to have some quality time with your family.

A Blessed Sunday is wished for you and your family.
TimN said…
Shredding is certainly a good presidential act - have you thought about last minute pardons? Any laws you could pass before it's too late?

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