A good day off - mostly

I had most of today off and got lots of bits done, bits around the house, looking after a poorly little man (gorgeous son has had a bug for a few days, has spent some time conked out on the sofa). I also got to ride for a bit this afternoon (yesterday turned out to be too busy after all). Just an hour or so out on the bike, a quick blast to clear away the cobwebs and take some perspective time!
Just me & barny (the Beemer) on Twitpic

This evening was enjoyable but also quite hard work! It was an Art & Craft show preview at the village hall next door. There is an incredible amount of extremely high quality art, some (much) of it moving and profound. The display is on all weekend, mainly comprised of artworks by local people and was a reminder of how many gifted people there are in these villages, if not every community. As part of the evening some of us were asked to share our favourite poems, I shared two, one by Gerard Manley Hopkins and the other by John Betjeman. It was a great evening, but a lot of people wanted to talk to me, many about Church, so the idea of having a full day off fell by the wayside, one of the hazards of living and working in the same community. Tiring but fun, though.

Here's the second poem I shared, thought I would leave this with you :-)

Blame the Vicar

Written by John Betjeman
When things go wrong it's rather tame
To find we are ourselves to blame,
It gets the trouble over quicker
To go and blame things on the Vicar.
The Vicar, after all, is paid
To keep us bright and undismayed.
The Vicar is more virtuous too
Than lay folks such as me and you.
He never swears, he never drinks,
He never should say what he thinks.
His collar is the wrong way round,
And that is why he's simply bound
To be the sort of person who
Has nothing very much to do
But take the blame for what goes wrong
And sing in tune at Evensong.
For what's a Vicar really for
Except to cheer us up? What's more,
He shouldn't ever, ever tell
If there is such a place as Hell,
For if there is it's certain he
Will go to it as well as we.
The Vicar should be all pretence
And never, never give offence.
To preach on Sunday is his task
And lend his mower when we ask
And organize our village fĂȘtes
And sing at Christmas with the waits
And in his car to give us lifts
And when we quarrel, heal the rifts.
To keep his family alive
He should industriously strive
In that enormous house he gets,
And he should always pay his debts,
For he has quite six pounds a week,
And when we're rude he should be meek
And always turn the other cheek.
He should be neat and nicely dressed
With polished shoes and trousers pressed,
For we look up to him as higher
Than anyone, except the Squire.


quilly said…
Love the peom. It kind of puts it all in perspective, doesn't it? ;)
quilly said…
poem -- i ken spel, reely.
Melli said…
ROFL! That poem is sOMething else! hahaha! WE are getting a "vicar" which apparently in the Lutheran church is quite a bit different than in the Church of England! Ours is one year shy of finishing seminary and will be with us for a year before going back to finish seminary! In this year WE (Pastor AND the congregation!) will train him up to RUN a church! When he does graduate and is ordained, he is going out into our district to be a church planter! It's all very exciting!

So glad you did get a bit of a ride in - I'm sure it really is hard for you to find time for just pleasure riding - which is entirely different than riding to get from one task to the next!

It is virtually impossible for a man of the cloth to go ANYWHERE and have a complete "day off". Pastor Paul travelled overseas on his last vacation, only to run into someone in hotel they were staying at who said "I know YOU! You married my son 20 years ago!" ROFL! You are who you are - and you're out there to serve God's children... you can't get AWAY from that! (but you can TRY!)

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