Not a long post today

Thought I would point towards this excellent thought by 'Liturgy' about saying sorry, and to remind you of some thoughts which contain a similar point here...

A good day, despite a ridiculous amount of admin - a reminder though that the organisation of certain services is crucial to meet the needs of certain people. I am in the process of arranging two funerals, which need time and effort to make them appropriate to the two important, special people we are saying farewell to. I am also putting together a service for Pentecost which will, for a good number of people, be an important observance of the birth of the Church and a reminder of God's promise of sustenance, life, comfort and joy through the gift of the Spirit. As the Archdeacon of Cambridgeonce said to me - don't think of the admin, think of the people who will benefit from your planning and preparation.

A day of admin (with a couple of visits, including a deathbed visit that, through the grace of God, turned out not to be a deathbed visit) was enhanced by a trip to the local pub this evening where I ended up talking faith and motorbikes and lots of other things over a couple of very enjoyable beers!


Melli said…
Yes, apologizing has to be a sign of great strength - otherwise we wouldn't have such great problems doing it! Of course, sometimes are much easier than others!

Cheers to the fact that God said "No, not today" to the deathbed vist! You had something to celebrate at the pub!
quilly said…
Every time one apologizes, the next apology gets a little easier. Not in the least because one learns not to take such an adamant stand!
Rinkly Rimes said…
I couldn't help thinking of my Dad when I read your blog. He was a Devonian and he was a churchman. He wasn't educated enough to study for the ministry, but he became a schoolteacher and Head of a small church school in the Midlands. He worked as a Lay Reader all his life. I'm wondering how he would have taken to blogging!

Incidentally, your word verification is bezomate, which sounds quite boozy!

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