Kickin' It Old Skool

Ok, a made up title to get some attention :-) But there is a reason - since moving to St John The Divine I have had my sermons podcasted, which has meant even less attention has been paid to New Kid Deep Stuff than usual, and attention was, admittedly, pretty minimal anyway.
This last week our Sermon poster was beset by tech difficulties and then was away for a few days (well deserved, the guy does TONS of stuff around St John's) so it is time for me to revert to posting my sermon online in the tried and true method.

Some background - we handed everyone who came to church a block of lego, and then by the time we started the sermon I asked what they had built...

With one block

Then our young people gathered the lego together and made this by working together.

That might help.  

Proper 18 (2013) Year C RCL Principal

Count the cost.  Or not.

OK, how’s the lego – have you had fun building?  Show me what you’ve made… What do you mean you’ve not made anything???  Why is that?

Hmmm. So we will have to do something – any suggestions? 

Work together, now there is a good suggestion.  And if there are any young people, say, elementary and middle school kids, perhaps you’d like to go around the Church and ask folk if they would be good enough to give you their lego blocks.  I believe Craig is going to help you with some construction work at the back….

And for the rest of us.  What does this mean?  Why lego? [Continued here]


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