A Couple of Sermony things

After my wonderings about preaching (What are we doing when we preach?) Karma decided to bite me a la derriere and I found myself having to prepare three sermons for today - Two Eucharists and a funeral address.  Rather than post the two Eucharistic Sermons here I will put them up on New Kid Deep Stuff and you can peruse/read/comment/respond as you wish. The funeral address was for the funeral, won't be putting that one up!

Same set of readings... different groups of people, though some overlap (so I couldn't cheat by using the same sermon twice!}

So here's what I ended up with:

One, thinking on the Gospel reading for today, is concerned with 'Shaking the Dust from our feet'

The other, using the Psalm and Proverbs reading for today is talking around ideas of 'The word, the law and The Word'. And the common (sometimes) artificial contrast betweee 'Law and Grace' in the church - one which isn't a Jewish understanding of 'Law' or 'Commandments' at all...


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