Another blog talk - catch up time

I wish I'd done this last week! Short answer to last weeks' blog talkers.
If you had to spend one year living alone in a remote cabin, what would you spend your time doing?

(And let’s assume there is no access to Internet)

I would read, and read and read and read... Read through the whole Bible again, get lots of good novels, some sci-fi, probably a book to teach me music theory (which would mean taking my guitar, I guess) and some music books. I would read some of the Christian classics I've always meant to read but have only dipped into, St Augustine, Julian of Norwich, Cloud of Unknowing, Aquinas, and some more modern theologians, Barth, Rahner, Moltmann, and CS Lewis, Tozer Austin Farrar, All of Miroslav Volf's stuff, etc etc etc.

Reading and playing guitar, that would be a good year (as long as no one was around to hear the guitar playing, it wouldn't be a good year for them)

Probably have to take some music and DVDs too - but I'll stop before my fantasy life takes over.

If it was a year with my family now that would be amazing and fantastic and there would be no end of stuff we would do.


Dr.John said…
I don't have to answer the question because I would not survive. Your answer sounds great.
Anonymous said…
Hey, I did spend about a year in a remote cabin. For 6 months of that time wwe were snowed in. I was a newlywed so .... I also did a lot of cooking, reading and crocheting.
Nick Payne said…
I'm with you on the bible and the sci fi fantasy swatting.

However, I'd also probably end up in fantasy land living my life like one of my fictional TV heroes.



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