I sometimes wonder

how I 'come across' in my blog posts, i can't really tell 'cos I'm reading them from the inside, as it were. This comes from Glen's response to my last post, i didn't want to give the impression that I was bitter about no longer traffic exchanging (well, only on exclusively blog exchanges) but that his comment had been an impetus to rethink. The time spent clicking and getting annoyed by the audio on many of the ads was disproportionate to any value it had, the decision was made anyway it just took a little nudge to make me really think about it.

I think I might stay on trafficpods until I reach level 10 by surfing enough to keep a pod going! I like the sense of achievement from reaching a certain goal! Those who are pod people will know what I'm talking about, but its too complicated to try and explain here!

Anyway, back to my initial statement. I hope I come across as good-natured rather than curmudgeonly and that my thoughts don't seem arrogant or closed, but open to question and ready to respond. if they don't come across like that then I am glad I've stated it so that you all know :-)

its my day off, so i'm leaviing the PC to go back to my tired and slightly fractious, but still gorgeous, family


Tom said…
You've never really come across as curmodgeonly to me. Mostly friendly and open.

Of course, I work in a machine shop with a bunch of people who would make Dirty Harry seem like Mr. Rogers. My viewpoint might be slightly skewed by that.
Troy Worman said…
I am not familiar with traffic exchange or trafficpods, but you tone seems pleasant enough to me. Thank you for favoriting Orbit Now! I've added New Kid to my blog-o-dex and will return soon.
Nick Payne said…
I hate wazzing people off, so I try to be as soft as possible... but not at the expense of banging on my drum when I feel the need to.

If I feel an issue needs strong words, I'll come out with them.

The thing about blogging and texting people, is that the communication form is visual only and without the inclusion of tone, people can misinterpret what you are actually saying.

Can be a minefield sometimes... but you've never got on my nerves.
Jem said…
I'm a fan and have been for 20 years this September. I've been encouraging you to become curmudgeonly by example but it hasn't worked.
Naomi said…
This is my first visit to your blog Alastair but I enjoyed reading your posts. They were well-written and interesting. I will certainly be visiting again soon.

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