Could blog all day

After lots of posts over the past couple of years asking again and again 'why do i do this?' and grappling with whether its an ego thing, or a publicity thing, or something altogether unhelpful I have, over the course of a busy few weeks, come to the conclusion that i blog for two reasons. Firstly I blog because i like to write, and with all that is going on in my life at the moment I don't have time to put together long treatise or anything of any length at all. I would love to write a book, and ideas are just stacking up for a book about faith, and about - as Dr John very generously said in a posting a few days ago - taking an old, old faith and making it new and fresh. Not that I think I have much to do with that, i believe that Christian Faith is as new and vibrant and exciting and transformational as it has ever been. I just like talking about it, and writing about it (obviously).

The second reason I blog is to think out loud. It may not seem terribly ordered to you, gentle reader, but this is often my way of putting things into context, of gaining some perspective, and of getting 'out there' lots of the stuff that bounces around my brain. Its noticable (to me) that alongside a general lull in blogging I've not added anything to my 'deep stuff' blog either (normally a sort of 'back page' to this blog, thanks to some help from the guys at Standing Under the Sky). That's where my sermons and longer talks go, and that's dropped way down the priority ladder over these busy - often rewarding, usually challenging, always tiring - weeks.

I could, indeed, blog all day, i have lots of thoughts cooking in my brain even as i write, but I am going to leave them to stew for a bit longer, maybe some more later today. Thanks to all of you who continue to check back, to those of you who leave comments, and to my mother and father for.... ahh, that's enough for now.


Tom said…
The two reasons you listed are exactly why I blog as well. It's amazing how much clearer an understanding I get on topics when I'm forced to explain them in writing. It's also amazing how many things I took for granted didn't hold up well when put to the test of writing.

I don't always comment on them, but I always like the sermons. I think I may just staring leaving a one word comment like "booya" when I like what's written but don't have anything intelligent to add.
Dr.John said…
What ever the reason I enjoy your blog and get a grea6t deal out of it.

I wish I had the feeling I could blog all day. I would love to be able to but unfortunately I sit in front of a computer all day at work. When I get home I feed the lads, get supper going, and then check the email and blog I like to visit, your's being one of them. By the time I finish visiting blogs worth the visit I turn the computer off and turn on the television (supper is usually done by then) and finish off the day with a cat asleep in my lap and I asleep in front of the television. I have enough energy to turn the television off and toddle off to bed to start it all over again.

So I've decided to save my blogging for my days off, this is why you don't see too many posts from me through the run of a week.

I like to come and visit your blog, I find great inspiration in your blog. I may not comment on every post you make, but I do enjoy my visits.

Thankyou for your blog
Sank said…
I've come to the same conclusions you have, I like to write, I like the creative aspect... I've also come to appreciate the community, the various "cyberfriends", folks I've never met in person, but who I swap blogs with, read and get to know... It's the modern version of a pen pal...

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