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Eric, from erichasissues, has provided me with a five question interview which I am to give answers for. It's my own fault for asking for them!

The idea is, if you want a go at this meme, to ask me to send you five questions to be answered on your blog - that's it. If this is the case comment and put 'interview me!' (along with your email address formatted x [at] so that the evil 'bots' can't pick it up)

OK here goes

1. On Music: You mention in your blog that you would bring your “Guitar” to the remote cabin. Being interested in music as I am, what kind of guitar is it, what kind of music do you play, and for how long?

I have a few guitars, a fender of indeterminate name which is an electro-acoustic steel 6 string. It tends to be the one I take around with me to Church meetings and services as it makes a lot of noise, good concert hall style body with lots of resonance, but i'm not happy with the action and some fault in it means I've got it as best I can, apparently, without stripping the whole thing down.

I recently bought an Ovation Applause, which I love, but which doesn't have the volume, v nice when plugged in!

I've got a strat copy by Ibenez, an Aria Semi-Acoustic Jazzer, a 12 string EKO and a bodyless electric which is set up to sound like an Acoustic called 'Skinny' though the technical name is a seisonido or something like that.

I mainly play worship music, a bit of folk, some rock stuff - but I'm a strummer not a picker! I can't read music so I play by ear and by chords. I will play for as long as I can whenever I can, so normally only about 30 mins at a time.

2. On Church: Do you associate socially with your parishioners? And is it hard for you to leave the robe at work, or are you always on as a minister?

Yes, love to spend time with parishioners, its hard to be off duty, though, because of the expectations they have rather than how I am! On the whole most people realise that I am pretty normal whether on or off duty. There are times when as a minister one needs to be seen to be different, and I don't join in some of the 'banter', there are times when I need to show a professional side (for want of a different phrase) when I've been asked for quite serious advice in the local pub or been told about someone or something about which I should be concerned.

3. On Church History: who would you say is the most influential “Brit” on the modern church? Be it any denomination.

There are too many strands within the British Church to name one person who has influenced the lot. There are some Christian speakers/thinkers/writers who I think have touched and do touch a lot of different traditions in the Church. I think the Wesleys, John and Charles, were very influential - both in forming the Methodist Church and in adding to the hymnody of the Church, including us Anglicans. John challenged the Church's idea of Evangelism and Mission and shook up the whole system. CS Lewis' influence lives on in his accessible and thought provoking fiction and non-fiction Christian writing. In the 'Conservative' theological world John Stott has been an longstanding influence, and in the Church world generally various Anglican writers and thinkers have had influence beyond the Church of England - John Henry Newman (though converted to Catholicism), Austin Farrer, Michael Ramsey, William Temple, Richard Hooker, and lots more. Personally I like Adrian Plass too, he makes me laugh.

Something that is impacting upon the whole Church scene in the UK at the moment is Alpha - a course in Christian belief which was put together and is still administered by Holy Trinity Brompton. The use of Alpha Courses is now international and it has diversified with 'Youth Alpha', 'Prison Alpha', 'Catholic Alpha' and more. It's a good course, though I do get wound up a bit by some of the publicity which has a bit of a 'life is great since i invited alpha into my heart' vibe about it.

4. On Lifestyle: How do you spend time with your family? Are there any local attractions that you frequent, and where do you go to get away from it all?

I make sure that I take my day off most weeks. As my daughter is at school it tends to be my gorgeous wife and I with our son going out somewhere for the day on Fridays, we have lots of stuff to see in the area, from Wildlife parks to butterfly farms, to 'soft play areas' - all child centred really. Sometimes we just go into Cambridge and mooch about, coffee shops, wife doing shopping and me ambling around with baby boy etc etc. Every now and then if I can wrangle a Saturday off, or the Children are off school, i'll take my daughter and/or son off for the day, maybe on the train to London - which is an hour away. Sometimes we visit the inlaws who live by the sea about 90 miles away. Basically, if its my day off, I get out of the area!

On a daily basis I do try to be home every evening to do supper and bed with the kids. It's such a great time to be with the family, at the end of the day when there's lots to talk about and for the children lots to process.

5. On Family: I’ll recycle the Sank Question… You know you’ve done your job as a parent when your kids…(fill in the blank)

aren't behind bars

that's too flippant. I guess I would say when your kids live their own lives, know they're loved for who they are, and try to do the right thing. As a Jesus Freak, i would also say that i hope they'll know and love Christ as I do (or better!)

Now, wasn't that fun?
Actually it was much harder than I expected - but thanks Eric for the brain food.


Anonymous said…
Well done, I figured I had you pegged with the church history "Q". I attend a Wesleyan Church here in SD, so I figured they would play a part in your "A"

I went ahead and linked to you this morning. Great Blog, Keep up the good work.
Dr.John said…
Very good responses. I lead the alpha course at United. It was fun. People enjoyed it and there was some spiritual growth.

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