How many states of the USA can you name?

Whilst taking some time out this morning (between Morning Prayer and visiting) i had a go at the Guardian Quick crossword - which in my case is anything but quick, wot wiv being not so grate wiv wurds an all dat. I got stuck, though, on four questions which named State Capitals and asked for the State they belonged to. I then wrote down all the US states I could think of, and got 27, which I don't think is bad for a UK resident who has only ever visited New York, Maine, Mass (not even going to try and spell that) and New Hampshire. My biological father (who died before I was born) was a US Airman, but as I have no idea where he came from that doesn't give me a headstart. So, how many states can my US readers name? Perhaps you have to reel them off regularly at school from the age of four so can do the lot? Perhaps you don't know many at all?

oh, 28, I've just thought of another one, no, two. Illinois and Arkansas, so 29. There's lots of talk in the international media about how much, or little, US citizens know about the world, how much of their own Country to they know?

I should point out that if asked to name all the counties in England, let alone the rest of the UK, most brits would do very badly! I don't include myself in this, not because I am particularly clever, but because its the type of trivia I tend to remember...


Anonymous said…
This was a drill we had to learn in 4th grade....all the states and capitols in alphabetical order.
Anonymous said…
I can rattle them all off, probably 48 state capitals at one shot. I'm sure there's a few of those I'd miss. Reminds of a favorite joke..
Do you pronounce the capital of Kentucky L-ooo-ville or L-ooie-ville? The correct answer is... Frankfurt.
Anonymous said…
Well, I can name all 50. But that's not that much of an accomplishment, or at least shouldn't be considered as one, because I'm an American.

I would like to hope that all my fellow countrymen could do the same, but I don't really want to know the percentage that could.

But state capitals would be pushing it. I definitely couldn't name all 50 of them.
Naomi said…
Good post Alastair. It's surprising how little most people know about their own country before they even think about venturing into the big wide world. I must admit as a fellow Brit, I couldn't even start to name all the counties in England.
Arty4ever said…
I created a bunch of funny picture associations that help you remember the capitals to all 50 states.

Check it out at:

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