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Something written in the comments to my last post by lgglobal (top earner on the trafficpods click exchange) made me think, along with quilly's remark about quality rather than quantity of visitors being important when i reached the 100000 visitor mark.

I signed up to the traffic exchanges I did (list below in the 'milestone post') in order to get some profile, and so that it felt worth writing this blog knowing that some folk would actually read it! Having been at this a while I've considering dropping the exchanges and the need to surf to gain visitors (its amazing how much clicking you can do whilst on the phone!) - I suspect that over the coming weeks I will do so, and allow my built up credits to use up before deleting the accounts. When I started writing this blog someone left the comment 'don't let it take over' - and though I've not become obsessive about it, one can become concerned about how many visits one has each day or week (it works out at about 3500 weekly at the moment). It's been really good to have some very positive feedback from those who've chanced upon this blog through surfing, but maybe its time to let it drop back to the numbers I used to get, after all my hope was that i'd get to the 100000 I've already reached, just because its a nice round number.

Enjoy your surfing folks.


Doris said…
It does take over doesn't it? Says she who has surfed on here through BlogExplosion having dropped my blog for some months and then only just re-instated the BE and counter today! Tch!

I think the break and dropping it all will be surprisingly easy and welcome. I certainly found it so. But it is nice to also choose to do this just today. As long as I am not back to studying my visitor stats!

Enjoy your blogging for you!
Doris said…
PS. When I gave up, I just donated all my BE credits to fellow bloggers! That makes a quick and clean break from it all. Just a thought.
moog said…
hi alistair

wow - that's so many people reading your blog. I remember when you only updated it every 3 or 4 months! I'm lucky to get ten reads in a day!

slowly bringing my blog up to beta standard now, but i've been spending a lot of surfing time on facebook, which i like a lot

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